having more  –  giving more

Giovanni Tardino presents:

   A new idea

   A new project

     A new reality

For you!

30 years of experience, 30 years of research, now together with the fantastic professionalism of Benjamin Glauser and, as usual, with the tireless help of Orlando D’Achille, to offer you our well-known knowledge and quality.

For you!

With still new proposals and new important models that will broaden and enrich the variety of flutes that we offer:

the largest and most complete you will find.

For you!

Every model has its own uniqueness, its own personality, its own features, its own specific place in history.

For us!

Every model is a challenge. A challenge of understanding, of knowledge, of realisation.

Because the historic transverse flute is not just any object. Its internal and external shape hides and holds the insights and erudition of those who conceived it.

That’s why the aim of my research has been, since the very beginning, to find the key that would allow me to access, or at least get close to, that knowledge.

Now you know that whenever you play any of our flutes, you’ll be making a choice:

- a choice of respect – towards the original creator

- a choice of  knowledge – towards historical awareness

- a choice of coherence – towards your work, your mission.


Giovanni Tardino